Weekender Update

OK, so I haven’t done a great job of getting the site off the ground so here are some snippets of a couple hot issues from the last few weeks. Links to the full articles and or video’s are provided for the complete story.

Tax Day Tea Party

Obama ridicules the protestors for not thanking him for cutting their taxes. What a joke, he gives us a tax credit that will have to be paid back with our tax dollars later and he calls that a tax cut. He has created the largest expansion of the Federal government and I guess he thinks were stupid. Is there anyone who doesn’t know that new taxes to cover all this are right around the corner?

Here’s a video from Rush thanking the President for all he has done for us. Enjoy!! Starts at about 57 seconds in. Watch it to the end for the best part.

So this black columnist from the NYT goes to a Tea Party Rally in Texas and sees just what he wants to see, then he bad mouths one of the black participants who is speaking at the event and finishes with the “all Tea Partiers are white” according to some poll line. I would almost bet that he wrote most of the article before he ever left for Texas. Read it and decide for yourself.

A Mighty Pale Tea.

And here’s the video response from Alfonzo Rachel, who in my opinion is one of the funniest political comedians I have ever seen, and of course is the victim of Mr. Blow’s comments.

If you liked this video you can find others at youtube or at PJTV under ZoNation. He has a lot of great common sense pieces and delivers them in a unique and funny way.

So believe it or not but there are black people in the Tea Party movement which Nathanial Alexander Stuart found out at the Tax Day Rally in DC. Here’s the video.

The National Debt

Great piece from Victor David Hanson at PJTV speculating on why the Obama administration is trying to drive the deficit to unsustainable levels.

How Could We Be So Stupid

GM Pays Back Loans to the Fed, Yippie!!!!

The only problem is  they left out the part where they used other bailout money to pay back these loans. Just beautiful, isn’t it? On top of that it looks like the unions may come up short on federally required funding for their pensions. That and a lot of other issues (unintended consequences) around the bailout of the automakers in this article from Fox Business.

GM Pays Back Bailout, Sort of

Grassley slams GM and the Obama Administration over misleading the public about the loan repayments.

Grassley Slams GM

Since were on GM, it look like they may be in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission over Truth in Advertising Issues as well.

Truth in Advertising


This one is a touchy subject but finally someone (The State of Arizona) is saying enough is enough. If the Federal Government won’t enforce their immigration laws than the states should be allowed to enact and follow through on their own laws to try and stop the unending onslaught of illegals using Arizona as an open door to the US.

Arizona Governor Signs new immigration bill.

Great article on immigration from my undisputed all time favorite blogger Doctor Zero. Make sure you check out his other articles as well. He is an excellent writer who has a style unlike any I have seen.

Dr. Zero on Immigration

This just kills me. Protest a state’s right to enforce its own laws, that were created because the federal government won’t enforce the laws it has passed to control the illegal problem. On top of that Mexico deports a lot more illegal’s than we do and I believe that it’s a Felony to be in Mexico illegally.

Protesters of Arizona’s new Immigration Bill

Obama Non Truths (I didn’t want to say LIES)

Remember when O claimed that the majority of money he got for his campaign was from small donors? This article from Politifact.com tells a different story.

Show me the money

This is great. The Obama campaign machine uses the Goldman Sachs suit by the SEC for campaign contribution purposes. Here an article from the Blog JWF

Campaign Donations Goldman Sacs

And here’s a video from Rush about it.


Now that it’s passed the NYT determines that the Healthcare bill will drive up costs and burden the healthy. Who would have thought it, the NYT bad mouthing something from Obama, um, a month or so to late.

NYT Wakes Up on O Care

Sebilius: We don’t know what Obamacare costs will be. The video says it all.

The Cost of O care

Other Stuff You Need to Know

So Andy Stern leaves SEIU. He leaves them deep in debt after spending $85 Million to get Obama elected, who got $60.7 million with the rest going to help other democrats win seats in order to take control of both houses. So now the rank & file folks have to deal with underfunded pensions and a bunch of IOU’s from struggling locals. Wonder how far that $85 mil would have gone in helping to keep the pension plans above the minimum Federal threshold?? And of course you don’t have to worry about Mr. Stern since he was a part of the officer’s pension, not the rank and file, so he has nothing to worry about as they are fully funded.

Andy Stern Leaves SEIU

Will Conservatives be getting a new network? The RightNetwork coming this summer. Woo Hoo!!

The RightNetwork

Great VIDEO and website. We must make a change this NOVEMBER and we need to get started now!!!!

Remember November


The Liberal/Leftist Hijacking of the Tea Party

I’m getting more concerned day by day that we are allowing the Left to set the agenda of “our” Tea Party. They have been doing an excellent job of setting us up as racists, haters, crazy people, lunatics, dangerous, rednecks, uneducated southerners, violent, etc. You know what I ‘m talking about.  They speak of incidents like the spitting on of Congressman Cleaver and people in the crowd using racial slurs during the passing of the Healthcare Debacle as proof of how radical the Tea Party protestors are yet this is the best they can find.  After a year of protests most of the radical things they blame us for have been done by the left posing as Tea Party members. What a joke they and the MSM have become.

Here’s an article by Andrew Breitbart with video of the event that day.  He does a great job of explaining how this was nothing more than an attempt by the Congressional Black Caucus, and then later by Nancy Pelosi to incite violence/racism so we “would be” what they want us to be, but it didn’t work.

Here’s video of the alleged spitting incident, which occurs at about 1:20 in. You be the judge. Did this guy spit at the Congressman or was he just trying to be heard and it unfortunately came out with some unintentional spittle?

So here’s my point. It appears to me that we are allowing the left to get away with this kind of behavior and some in the Tea Party are even starting to believe that it’s true.

STOP, STOP, STOP. It’s time to refocus, use our heads, and be very aware of what they’re trying to accomplish. Most of all we need to be able to take a deep breath when these things occur. We need to identify what they are trying to do and then turn it right back around on them. It isn’t hard to do. Most of the time they speak in generalities, no specific person or specific incident. You’ll hear them say Tea Party people are racists, or at this event they had Nazi Signs with Obama’s picture on it but they most always have no proof of anything real, it’s always alleged, or it’s simply their opinion but they state it as if it’s a fact. We have to call them out on this if we are to stop it.

Something else that’s going on is they have set the agenda for what the Tea Party is and we seem to have bought it. From the start they have said we are nothing but Astroturf,  just working for big lobbing groups like Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity.  They have tried to marginalize us. As anyone who is in a Tea Party movement knows nothing could be more grass roots than us and that  even local groups will fight and resist other groups who may want to try and combine, for purposes of synergy or to show strength in numbers. Most groups will have nothing to do with it though because we know we are truly grassroots!! Right?

So here’s what I think is really going on, and it may be a little hard for a lot of Tea Partiers to swallow. The very people who have assigned us as Astroturfers belong to the largest lobbing groups in the country like Organizing For America and SEIU. These groups got the current democratic congress and president elected with $2, $5, $10, and $20 donations. Millions of them by the way, and at the same time they got them to sign up to one of the largest political databases which Obama handed over to the democratic party after getting elected. They are SCARED TO DEATH that if we don’t remain as local only grassroots organizations that the democrats are in even more trouble than the polls are currently showing.

It’s time to make some changes. As a local Tea Partier I understand that my issues may not be the same as the next group’s but we do have common goals and can support each other. There “is” strength in numbers. We have local and federal issues and politicians. We must act as a team on federal issues and should on local one’s. If we truly want to take over congress a lot of work has to be done “NOW” and we have to find a way to come together as a unified team.

One of the most important things we have to do is reach into our pockets and put up the money that will be needed to win, just like what happened in Massachusetts. We also need to take the time to talk to and investigate the people running for congress. We have to let them know what our values are and what our expectations are of the representatives we elect. They must also know what  the consequences are if they fail to deliver or if they promote their personal agenda instead.  So it’s time to start supporting your local groups with your dollars so they can support the “right” candidate to take back both houses in November and then the presidency in 2012. They/We can’t be very effective without a budget. And it’s time to become the political machine that we will have to fight very soon, if we are to win in November. Stop resisting uniting for this cause, it’s imperative that we come together and show unity as they surely have. THEY ARE TRYING TO KEEP US FROM DOING JUST THAT AND HAVE SO FAR BEEN QUITE SUCCESSFUL AT IT.  Let’s take our agenda back and ride it to DC in November.

I have found that there are two kinds of Tea Party people. The ones who truly understand and believe that we are at a turning point in our country and there are those that are in the movement as feel good members. Feel good members come to meetings because it makes them feel good about what they are doing but are nowhere to be found when it’s time for the heavy lifting or when it’s time to financially support the movement.  If you’re a feel good member it’s time to open that wallet at the very least! Whatever your donation is it will help to turn this country back toward the constitution and away from whatever it is we are becoming.

God Bless