My 1ST Blog


OK so I kind of got tired of just sitting on the sidelines while all this “stuff” is going on all around us. As you will find I am a Conservative and a Christian so if you have issues with either of those than to bad.  You can be anything you want to be as long as you allow me to as well. What I don’t want are people who only want to rant or trash political people/parties.

I am looking for those that want to have “discussions” on the topics I post. If you are for or against I don’t care as long as you respect the opinions of others. I don’t believe that you can have an effective conversation about politics, or any major issue if you only discuss it with like minded people. If you don’t have someone to challenge your thinking than it’s pretty hard to determine how strongly you really believe in, or understand what you say.

I am not a word smith and will not try to be in response to others posts. If your here to show off your abilities to dazzle me with your command of the English language, a Thesaurus, and/or your writing abilities then you will find this a lonely place.

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